29 Août 2018 à 13h07 - 942

Find out more about AMA XpertEye technology

We are so proud about the clever smartphone and all the innovation that it brings to our habitual life. A bank online, a mobile banking, a digital security and all those connected machines. Now, technology will be involved and makes human race ingenious, let’s see more about a smart glass.

What we talk about Smart glass?

This glass connected is not the first invent on this year, and surely, you are the center of the technology. So, on this holiday, don’t bring so much thing, just your smartphone and your laptop. Why? Because you have all you need. But, it’s better to have gadget innovation as a smart glass. This is getting serious because you can make some shopping online and you can continue working with your industry’s laptop, and the last one is help someone by remote them with this glass.

What can you do?

You have to be partner on AMA XpertEye society, no need to pay, you are welcome. This society has the famous product in the box office of technological innovation, a glass connected. By adopting it on your hospital in New York for example, you can assist all your team in local office anytime. All you need is to download the application on your laptop, or on your smartphone, even on your tablet. When the hospital needs your help, they call you. By this smart glass, you can have the image of the patient in the surgical block. This glass has a camera to film all things, and to take pictures, and the most precious one is, it is connected. You can guide your team to do a good work as you were in this place. In other case, as you are alone to solve any matters, and need specialist intervention, you can call directly AMA service, they will find the best person to assist you.

We can work together to fight time and make things right. So, you too, if you want to be a part of it, don’t hesitate to be on the same line.


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