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An insight into the products to purchase from One-Elec

The company specializes in the trading of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC products. All products are purchased in Europe from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC official distributors. Manufacturers and the few official distributors have decided to harmonize a little better their selling prices. There will soon be more cronyism in this very special sector that is the material, or the prices range from one to five times, or even ten times, which is detrimental to a whole series of professionals with one-elec.

The Resi9 range

With resi9 Schneider electric is developing a range of connected electrical panels. Equipped with an XE pluggable switchgear system these switchboards are suitable for new housing applications or renovations. These are custom electrical appliances that offer great flexibility and higher security. The Resi9 range contains circuit breakers, residual current devices, switches and comb bus bars all geared toward providing electrical protection to residential buildings. Designed with vogue and simple use in mind, the range guarantees you have got everything you would like to make sure shoppers square measure pleased with the tip result.

The Acti9 range

Schneider Electric offers with Acti9 a range of low voltage modular products. The range includes built-in modular circuit breakers, switches and differential blocks, as well as lightning arresters and other devices that ensure the safety of a home. The Acti9 range for low voltage DIN rail system offers absolute safety and improved service reliability thanks to its unique features.

The Odace range

Under the Odace range, Schneider Electric designs electrical outlets and switches with a modern and relatively uncluttered aesthetic. It is also possible to find design plates that allow to customize the equipment according to the interior decoration.

The Schneider Electric enclosures

The company offers cabinets, doors and electrical cabinets that combine modernity and ease of use. The enclosures make it possible to optimally protect the electrical installation of the housing. They are available in single phase and three phase. The enclosures are designed to contain all modules of the electrical installation (circuit breakers, switches, etc.). Visit www.one-elec.com for more information.


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